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President’s Message

Our goal is to be a strong, growing company focused on building relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers by providing quality housing at affordable pricing in a professional and timely manner.

We take pride in providing a clean, safe, and positive work environment that instills a level of professional integrity that all of us can be proud of. As a result, we are confident that you, the homeowner, will receive the best quality home at a competitive price.

Mike Unger

Our Mission

Blackstone Homes is able to supply affordable housing to all communities within Northern BC and the Central Interior via access road, winter road, ferries or barges. We strive to use the most economical method of transport while maintaining quality and secure transport of our homes.

We provide set-up (turn-key) for our homes including skirting, decks, blocking, water and septic tanks (self-contained) or connections for municipal services. We are also able to provide screw jacks for increased stability and ease of levelling the home. Steel pilings (screw piles or drive piles) are also an option we can provide. Gravel pads with culverts can be arranged by Blackstone Homes if you prefer.

Our People

Our management staff has extensive knowledge in sales, the construction industry and safety procedures.

Our administrative staff has previously worked with government and legal offices and has accumulated a wide knowledge base of administrative, financial and legal practices. In addition, our construction staff strives to use safe, efficient methods to ensure the quality of the home is maintained throughout the set-up process.

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2033 1st Avenue
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Tuesday – Saturday
8AM – 4:30PM

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